6 Reasons Why You Need to Revamp Your Website

6 Reasons Why You Need to Revamp Your Website

A website is one of the best tools for marketing a business on social media Platforms. It acts as a sales person that working 24/7 throughout the year. Ttechnologies as one of the best web Development Company in Mumbai, Will help you find your prospective customers to visit your company on the internet, along with giving credibility to your business. In order to make the best out of online opportunities available for your business, Allow us to update your site in accordance with changes in website design trends and technology. Audience’s first impression of a business is based on its website, and thus redesigning website should be considered on a serious note. It needs a lot of time, money, and thought, Resulting in Huge benefits.

Here are the top 6 reasons for revamping your website:

Is your website responsive?

According to our research, more than 17% of the overall web traffic is from mobile devices. If your site is not responsive, there are huge chances that you are losing out on your leads and hence customers. People demand a great user experience on their mobile devices -
The same as they have it on their desktops.

Conclusion: If your website is not responsive, Revamping your website should be a considered as a chief priority for your business.

Has the purpose of your website changed?

If the purpose of your site has changed, we are there to update the layout in order to be more aligned with your goals. For example, if your new goal is to provide more lead generation content, then we will ensure that your website will include call-to-action on the homepage and other popular web pages on the website. It might not be necessary to redesign full site each time you change your goals, but we assure you that your website will be under complete surveillance & Be in line with your latest marketing goals.

Does your website look outdated?

This is the most important question we hear, Every website owner asking themselves, As a leading Web Development Company we believe website is the face of a business online. In case your website is outdated, It will reflect badly on your business. According to our experience, clients have more trust on websites that are updated. Thus, clients are ready to spend more on companies that have better websites than others.

If you have not updated your website since a couple of years, visit us to consider in revamping your website. We keep your website Up to date with technologies such as HTML5 & responsive website design transforms the way websites are developed.

Does your website take too much time to load?

Site speed is one of the most important factors we consider. We witness a lot of visitors leaves a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, which is a huge loss for our customers. Since Google has factored web page speed into their algorithms, a slow website will most probably affect search engine rankings.

Once you allow us to increase your site speed, We encourage visitors to browse your website for a longer period of time. Consequently, We amplify the chances in converting visitors into customers.

Is the homepage of your website oversaturated?

We as a Web Development Company consider it as a bad practice to have an excessive amount of content on the homepage of a website. As you have only few seconds to capture the interest of a visitor, Allow us to brief and to the point with the content that you add to your homepage. We assure you in landing pages showcase supplementary details that a user may be interested in and may find significant as they move further down the funnel.

Are you planning to incorporate a better content strategy?

We make extraordinary content on your website & capable enough improving everything from client retention to SEO. And with the ongoing changes to the search engines algorithms, We take a smart step to implement a strong content strategy. Thus, if you plan to make some huge changes to your content strategy, Revamping your website. It would be a wise option to visit our website and contact us.

A website is destined to bring business. If it is not bringing you business, then its peak time to let Ttechnologies find out the reason and make required miracles. Ttechnologies as a Website development company takes into account all the points explained above and revamp websites whosoever is need.

For all your website design and development requirements, we are more than happy to assist you. Get in touch with us at: http://www.ttechnologies.in/ or feel free to call us on: 022-28675959


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