Why cloud telephony services are beneficial for your Business?

Why cloud telephony services are beneficial for your Business?

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Cloud Telephony services provide you with a unique phone number and a sophisticated cloud-based IVR & telephonic services. The IVR will greet callers and play a few prompts to help the system identify the reason for the call. Based on this, the system can intelligently route the call at a real time to the right set of agents (who can be mobile). Cloud Telephony is perfect for businesses that want innovative phone solutions, or simply need to eliminate the costs, responsibilities, and risks of ownership of traditional premise-based phone systems. While offering much more flexibility than a traditional phone system, Cloud Telephony is quick, easy, and affordable for any size business.

In today’s competitive world, it is no longer sufficient to advertise and expect the market to come to you through an inbound phone call. Instead, existing customers need to be encouraged and enticed in order to be loyal and new customers need to be searched for. These days, companies are constantly looking to increase their customer service levels as retaining existing customers is far less cost-intensive than attempting to win new ones. As a result, companies are proactively making contact with their customer base on a regular basis to increase customer service by way of outbound dialing. Before companies can jump into proactive outbound dialer software, they first must transition from inbound-only communications to a blended contact center with outbound dialing. It’s important for leaders to recognize that making this transition represents a significant shift from a reactive customer service approach to communicating proactively with customers. In this transition, they must determine the number of outbound communications the contact center plans to conduct and the objectives that it seeks to accomplish. Aside from increasing the number of touch points with the customer, proactive outbound dialing can also be used to increase the revenue derived from your customer base by up-selling or cross-selling new products to your ongoing customers. Outbound should be a core part of any organization's go-to-market strategy because it is a way of developing valuable customer relationships, and done right it is a way of getting the appropriate proposition to an accurately targeted market.

Cloud telephony is the Internet-based voice and data communications where telecommunication applications, switching, and storage are hosted by a third-party outside of the organization using them, and they are accessed over the public internet. It is simply the replacement of the traditional business phone system like PBX, EPBAX etc.
Cloud telephony services were predominantly used for the business process, such as advertising, e-commerce, human resources, and payments processing. Services provided by cloud telephony are:

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  • Interactive voice response
    It allows the customer to interact with the company’s host and system via a telephone keypad or speech recognition, after which services can be inquired about through the IVR dialogue. IVR call flows are created in several ways with GUI tool and presentation layer can be automatically generated.
    The use of IVR allows callers queries to be resolved without live agents and if they do not find the information helpful they are transferred to the live agents. A single large IVR system can handle calls for thousands of application, each with its own phone numbers and script.
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  • Missed call services
    Missed call service is a web-based application enables you to get the real-time notifications of all calls on your dedicated mobile numbers/landline numbers/toll-free numbers. When a call arrives at your number our system automatically rejects the call after one ring and pushes the information on the real-time to your web panel/ server along with the call number, time, location and operator. This service is useful in mobile number verification; forget/retrieve the password, support, and sales, lead generation etc.
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  • Bulk voice call
    Bulk voice calls are the pre-recorded voice messages to a mobile or landline networks. Voice calls are totally automated process hence no operators or dialer is need to process the call, once you set your pre-recorded call and contact list the system will call the recipient and play the recorded clip. Some benefits of bulk voice calls are pay only for recipient reached, the message can be sent in any language, high outbound capacity etc.
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  • Bulk SMS
    It is the process of circulating a large number of messages to mobile phones. There are mainly two types of bulk SMS i.e. Promotional: These are the SMS which are sent with the objective of promoting your product or service. This category includes any sales and marketing messages which may or may not be solicited by the recipient. Transactional: These bulk SMS services are ideal for sending alerts/reminder and updates to your existing clients. Any kind of information sharing SMS comes under transactional SMS. These are used for ensuring clients against fraud, secure individual or sensitive information, arrangement or booking updates, confirmation messages related to order/purchase.

  • Communication is the key to the new and quick paced world. The solution Cloud telephony offer are scalable, flexible, better performance and data security. Other than these major services call tracking, the virtual number for mapping all the leads to one number are also included in these services.

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