Cloud Telephony: 
Cloud Telephony means, you do not have to deal with telephony jargons, knowledge of how telephone works as long as you know what you want your  telephone to do!  And most of the time, it is pretty simple for everyone to understand, make/receive(pick up) a telephone call, hang up or disconnect the call, play an audio file, transfer the call, conference the call! With Cloud Telephony, these kind of telephony functions can be added to any computer application!
Cloud seems to be all the rage these days and understandably so. There is no doubt that cloud based solution deliver numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes. How complicated are your communications with vendors, partners, prospects and customers? Phone calls, faxes, emails, text messages – it’s a lot to handle. Plus, the days of sitting at a desk between 9 and 5 are long past: now, work happens at home, on the road and at client sites (in addition to the office).
Quite simply, 20th-century telephony infrastructure can’t keep up with the way we work today. If you’re still using a clunky on-premise communications products, you’re missing out (and you’re probably paying way too much!).
Here are the five biggest benefits of modern cloud telephony (a.k.a. hosted VoIP or cloud phone systems). Which of these is most important to you?


Unlike an on-premise VoIP phone system solution, cloud telephony does not require any additional onsite hardware or virtualization infrastructure. By eliminating these infrastructure requirements, telephony systems are simplified, freeing up IT administrators to focus one other tasks or projects.
Furthermore, not needing any hardware also greatly simplifies your phone system’s initial setup and deployment, which means you can get connected almost straight away.
In fact, by choosing a top of the range and affordable cloud-based telephony solution companies can even do away with their desktop phones and get their team communicating immediately.

2. Mobility

By hosting  telephony services in the cloud, business can also greatly simplify how system users connect. Non-hosted solutions require additional Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications. Cloud-based telephony solutions remove this need and in doing so promote employee mobility and productivity.
Provided users have an internet connection, they will simply be able to log on from anywhere at any time meaning that your team stays contactable and productive as well as enabling more efficient telecommuting strategies which in turn can help boost employee motivation and job satisfaction.
Obviously, hauling a desktop phone around with you everywhere you go is not ideal, TTechnologies  provide additional mobility options including integrated softphones as well as smartphone clients for Android and iOS, making keeping your team moving and connected to your business easy

3. Cost Efficiency

With hosted VoIP solutions , there’s no lock-in to long-term contracts or expensive hardware. You can sign up on a pay-as-you-go – i.e., month-to-month – basis to keep your cost structure manageable.
Cloud telephony products are typically less expensive than on-premise phone systems over the long term, as well. Because there’s no hardware to manage (other than desk phones, when applicable), you can wave goodbye to pricey technical contractors.

4. Flexibility

A cloud phone system can grow or shrink as business conditions warrant. Adding extensions or direct numbers requires only a few mouse clicks, and new extensions can be provisioned in just a few minutes’ time.
Whether your colleagues are located in a single building or scattered across the country, hosted VoIP makes it possible  for everyone in your organization to operate on a single communication system. You can have one business number with multiple extensions and departments – all configurable from a computer or mobile device.

5. Focus

Cloud telephony product’s simple, flexible design greatly streamline  phone system management. And the less time spent on managing your phones, the more time you have to do value-adding work.
Cloud phone service enables you to focus on what really matters: satisfying customers and increasing sales. By empowering you to adjust your phone system quickly and easily, without being tied down to outmoded systems or processes, cloud phone systems can make your business work better.

Greater flexibility, greater control and a lower total cost of operation: Sounds pretty good!
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